AquaDyn Water Management Treatment System Synopsis

AquaDyn Technologies, Inc. employs a unique system as an alternative to traditional water treatment through an innovative combination of natural physics and technological processes. The AquaDyn Water Management Treatment System controls bacteria and fungus with a Bio-cide Generator, eliminates corrosion and pitting; controls solids and scale through Magnetic Field Generators and continuously removes and filters solids, scale and other debris. This process is accomplished through five functions of the AquaDyn Water Management Treatment System as shown in the following breakdown:

The Bio-cide Generator used in the AquaDyn Water Management System continually discharges copper ions to kill all forms of algae, fungus, bacteria and viruses. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the medical community have both recognized Silver Nitrate as the basic destroyer or arrestor of bacterial growth for many years, leaving no doubt as to the effectiveness of silver ions to kill bacteria regardless of the source of the microorganisms, including Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Herpes, Polio, and Legionnaire's disease.It is not uncommon for many organisms to mutate and become immune to the introduction of chemicals into water-based systems. This leads to the steady stream of more and more chemicals. The Silver ions generated through the AquaDyn Water Management System will completely destroy all known natural microorganisms and eliminate the need for biocide chemicals. The net effect is clean water, clean cooling towers, no biological film and no reduction in heat transfer efficiency.

The AquaDyn Water Management System eliminates blowdown or bleed, which serves to increase the solids until corrosion and pitting are eliminated. Corrosion is the result of chemical and/or electrochemical reactions between a particular metal and its environment. Cooling tower water that has a low pH, low solids or a combination of both is very corrosive. The elevated solids that result from the operation of the AquaDyn Water Management System increase the soluble calcium content, which usually results in a higher pH that precludes corrosion and pitting. In addition, high solids water will transport heat more efficiently than low solids water.

AquaDyn manufactures and places an appropriate number of exclusively designed Magnetic Field Generators which alter the primary and secondary bonding of the hydrogen and oxygen in water molecules affecting a change in the water chemistry. The magnetic field produced by these generators causes the residual calcium component of calcium carbonate to reduce to a water-soluble aragonite crystal rather than an insoluble calcite crystal. The aragonite will not produce or contribute to an insulating scale on the condenser/heat exchanger tube walls because it is a water-soluble material. Another phenomenal effect of the Magnetic Field Generators is the production of soft or “wetter water.” Water that has a high surface tension is the result of more intense secondary electrical bonds. The stronger bonds can usually sustain a high incidence of trapped solids. However, the Magnetic Field Generators reduce the surface tension in the water molecules so the water will exhibit the absorption characteristics of soft water and act as a host for solids from other sources including existing pipe and tube wall scale. Thus, cooling tower and chilled water treated by this process will cleanse the tube walls by dissolving and absorbing the scale along with other solids and flushing it out as it passes through the system. This fact is exaggerated by the introduction of copper and silver ions on a continuous basis.

The other solids will have a tendency to agglomerate and be discharged through the AquaDyn Water Management System cyclone as a result of the increased particle size and mass. The magnetically produced Aragonite crystal, through metamorphosis, will eventually reduce to an insoluble calcite crystal in the bath of the cooling tower and the calcite crystals will be sparged out of the bath. The calcite which has been removed from the bath will then be discharged from the system through the AquaDyn cyclone.

The AquaDyn Water Management System removes both suspended (sand, clay, etc.) and dissolved solids from the cooling tower.In addition to the cyclone, the system is fitted with counter flow filters, which remove most of the solids that are about the same specific gravity as the host water. If needed, cartridge filters are used to remove lighter materials such as insect parts, etc. In some circumstances, sand filters are employed as an additional filtration device. The purge system that is programmed into each AquaDyn Water Management System is designed to be open for a duration of 6-8 seconds and the purge cycle ranges from every 15 minutes to every four or five hours, depending on the state of the system when AquaDyn begins their water management treatment process. The AquaDyn Water Management System can be designed to trap and concentrate the purged solids while returning the water utilized in the purging process to the tower bath. In other words, AquaDyn can design a zero water discharge system for locations that require that attention to discharge detail.

The AquaDyn Water Management System is designed to meet our customers’ water management treatment needs by using its distinctive chemistry, not chemical approach. This system is not only more effective and environmentally friendly, but it is more cost effective than traditional chemical treatment.
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