Continuously Removes Solids and Other Debris

The AquaDyn Water Management System continuously controls scale, TDS levels and removes debris. The cycle of blowdown is eliminated. The other solids will have a tendency to agglomerate and be discharged through the AquaDyn Service Module cyclone as a result of the increased particle size and mass. The magnetically produced Aragonite's morph down to a calcite in the bath of the cooling tower and they are sparged out of the bath through the cyclone that is employed by AquaDyn. They are then discharged from the system. The net effect is no Calcite scale (since there are no Calcites) because the calcium carbonates will plate out as Aragonite's, which are water-soluble.

Calcites Removed From A Tower Bath

"This is contradictory thinking to the chemical management methodology, which constantly introduces water into your tower or boiler loop to show reduction of solids in the system."
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