Eliminates Corrosion and Pitting

Corrosion is the result of Chemical, Electrochemical and Biofilm corrosion reactions between a particular metal and its environment. Cooling tower water that has a low pH or low solids or a combination of both is very corrosive.

Relative to corrosion, the AquaDyn System is clearly superior to traditional chemical treatment. AquaDyn eliminates Blowdown, which serves to increase the solids until corrosion and pitting are eliminated. The increases in solids that occur with the AquaDyn Water Management System increase the calcium content and generate a higher pH under normal operations.

Chemical And Corrosion Free Condenser
PH is the measure of free hydrogen (H) and hydroxide molecules (OH) in an aqueous solution. In any given unit of water the neutral pH of the solution is generated when there are 7 Hydrogen and 7 Hydroxides, the combination of which equals 14 total. Therefore, a pH of 9 would indicate that there are 14-9 = 5 hydroxide radicals.

Most cooling towers that are managed with chemical Bio-cide and Algae-cides generate pH problems. These problems are due to the time release principles engineered into the Bio/algae-cides. Most of the chemical Bio/algae-cides require hydroxide radicals to facilitate the time release process. This increases the ratio of hydrogen units relative to the hydroxide units remaining, and contributes to undesired pH levels.
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