Controls Solids and Scale through Magnetic Field Generators

The Magnetic Field generated by the Aquadyn Water Management System provides some amazing alternatives to the traditional chemical management programs. The first phenomenon that is observed as a result of the magnetic field is that the magnetic field generators cause the calcium carbonates to reduce to an aragonite crystal rather than a calcite crystal. The aragonite will not produce or contribute to an insulating scale on the condenser/heat exchanger tube walls because it is a water-soluble material.
Typical installation of Magnetic Field Generators
The second phenomenon that is observed is the production of soft, "wetter water." The water treated by the AquaDyn System will have lower surface tension and will show absorption characteristics of soft water. The water acts as a host for solids from any source including existing scale. The water will actually experience an increase in the total number of dissolved solids in solution at any one time. This fact is exaggerated by the introduction of copper and silver ions on a continuous basis.
The phenomenon created by magnetic field generators is discussed more extensively in the Department of Energy “Federal Technology Alert” publication titled Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Hardness Control.
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