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Aquadyn uses Physics not Chemistry

AquaDyn Water Treatment Synopsis

AquaDyn Water Management vs. Traditional Chemical Treatment

Bio-cide Generator Kills Bacteria, Fungus and Disease

Magnetic Field Generators Controls Solids and Scale

Greater Temperature Transfer from higher solids

Continuously Removes Solids and Other Debris

Filters Unwanted Solids, Scale, and Debris

Total Elimination of Corrosion and Pitting

Biofilm corrosion?

The AquaDyn Service Module

Linked Access Data Delivery (LADD) System

White Papers (Abstract)

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Dollars and Sense of the Aquadyn System

Why Aquadyn Costs you less to use than Conventional Chemical Treatment

References to the Technology

Aquadyn Success Stories

Post Installation Reports

Industry Overview

Traditional Water Treatment Solutions

Does Your System Operate as Originally Designed?

How Clean is the inside of your Condenser?

Only an 1/8" inch of scale or organic growth will cost you a fortune.