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Volume Of A Rectangular Tank

Please Enter Length, Width And Tank Water Depth

Tank Length In Feet
Tank Width In Feet
Tank Water Depth In Feet

Volume Of A Round Tank

Please Enter Tank Radius And Tank Water Depth

Tank Radius In Feet
Tank Water Depth In Feet

Formulae Used In These Calculations

L x W x D = Cubic Feet
Cubic Feet x 7.47 = Gallons
PI = 3.1417
Radius = 1/2 Diameter
PI x Rē x D = Cubic Feet

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You can calculate the volume of the tank by entering the MAXIMUM depth of the tank. You can calculate the volume of water by entering ONLY the depth of the water within the tank. While our formulae are from accepted standards, please use this calculator at your own risk. It is only as accurate as the information you enter and should be considered a close estimate.
Version 3.3.1

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